You want to electrify your vehicles or enable your customers to charge electric cars?

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Charge your e-vehicles intelligently and cost-efficiently

Lower your carbon footprint by electrifying your fleet. Whether it is your company's staff team or your daily logistics team, get ready for tomorrow's trip today!

Show your customers a spirit of innovation and a clear attitude towards a sustainable corporate strategy. Be a pioneer in your industry and secure advantages over your competitors. For example, Hermes has been using electric vans in its logistics center in Hamburg since 2019, while DHL is now using several thousand e-commercial vehicles for parcel delivery purposes.

We recommend the following charging stations for your fleet:

Your advantages:
Fast, safe charging up to 22 kW
Access protection via RFID cards
Communication via WLAN / Ethernet / 4G, OCPP 1.6
Capture & export of consumption data for cost accounting
KfW 440 / 439 / 441 - eligible for funding

Hotel & Trade
Make customers satisfied with electricity

By providing a charging facility for your customer or in the hotel parking lot, you can expand your range of services and acquire new customers. In the meantime, customers can do their shopping or enjoy their trip and then relax in the fully charged car.

With such service offers, your businesses stand out in the market and are considered particularly sustainable and future oriented. Would you also like to benefit from electromobility? We help you to find the right charging solution for your customer parking lot.

We recommend the following charging station for your electric car parking spaces:

Your advantages:
Permanently fast charging for all EVs, including future ones
Easy to use with 10.1-inch touchscreen
Placement of advertisements on the display
Communication-capable and supports load management
Payment terminal for debit and credit cards optional

Public transport / electric buses
Charging solutions for electric bus fleets

Aligned with the global target of emission reduction, electromobility continues to pick up speed. In addition, attractive subsidy policies are promoting the steady increasing proportion of electric buses in the local public transport.

Electric buses are (locally) emission-free and cause less noise when driving. The efficiency of an electric drive and the possibility of recuperation provide for a high degree of efficiency. In addition, today’s electric buses demonstrate lower operating and maintenance costs (TCO) than diesel buses.

We recommend the following charging stations for your electric bus fleet:

Your advantages:
Charging via plug & charge
Signal lamps to indicate the charging status
Backend for monitoring and remote maintenance of charging stations
Supports OCPP1.6 and load management
Individual adaptation for customer projects

Real estate

As a building owner and employer, are you looking for professional solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure? As a future trend, electric vehicles will prevail or even replace petrol vehicles. An increasing number of people are considering the purchase of electric vehicles, and therefore the associated basic charging options are playing an increasingly important role in real estate.

The Building Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Act (GEIG) primarily regulates the installation of wiring infrastructure and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in new and existing buildings. If the foundations for the wiring and charging stations can be planned in advance, the value of the real estate and the associated parking spaces will increase significantly.

From a business building perspective, buying an electric car for employees as a business vehicle is an excellent option as employees will pay less tax and enjoy various benefits.

Entratek offers a matching charging wall box for the builder and employer - the Power Dot Fix.
Your advantages:

Charging power: 22 kW
Integrated residual current detection
Cable length : 7 m
Access via RFID or plug-and-play
App available
Static & dynamic load management
WLAN & LAN & 4G & OCPP-capable
Supports electric and hybrid vehicles with type 2 charging socket
PV surplus charging
Control 252 charging points simultaneously

For future buildings, Power Dot Fix also offers a proven solution - "Wall box Ready".

To secure charging possibilities in the future, you can plan the power lines and install the back plates in advance. The empty housing is waterproof and dustproof. As long as you have not yet purchased your electric vehicle, the back plate and empty enclosures can remain quiet, protect the cables and provide a prominent charging symbol. As soon as you need to install the wall box, you can immediately remove the empty enclosures and replace them with a real charging option.

Commercial vehicles

Market research reported by Strategy&-Pwc for the year 2022 states that the majority of operators believe that electric vehicle propulsion is a trend. Experts predict that by 2030, the market share of zero-emission trucks will exceed 30%. Light-duty trucks will lead this shift, with the conversion to electric vehicles gaining momentum around the turn of the century. Medium and heavy trucks will gain importance from 2025, and there will be an increasingly wide range of vehicles.

As the infrastructure for operation and recharging is currently not popular, we strongly recommend OEMs join forces to strengthen the public network according to the specific needs and use of their customers (e.g. fast charging during the breaks).

For the charging of electric commercial vehicles, Entratek offers a range of DC charging solutions so that commercial vehicles can be charged and back in operation quickly.

  • DC Charging Station Power Eagle

    • 60/120/150kW
    • CCS 2 & CHAdeMo
    • 150-750 VDC
    • 150/200/250A

  • DC Charging Station Power Eagle M

    • 30/45/60kW
    • CCS 2 x 2
    • 150-750 VDC
    • 50/75/100A

  • DC Charging Station Power Eagle 2

    • CCS 2 x 2
    • 60/120/180/240/300/360kW
    • 150-1000 VDC
    • 200A

  • DC Charging Station Power e Container

    • 600/750/900/1080/1200kW
    • 200-750 VDC
    • 200A/ Charging point