Entratek expands portfolio with solar storage and inverters

Time of publication: 2020-10-25

Sustainable energy technology from Entratek: from innovative product portfolio to holistic vision

Entratek's vision: Green Power. Smart Life.

(Norderstedt, 25.10.2022) The interest in photovoltaics, efficient building technology and modern charging solutions for electric cars was already high before the energy crisis and inflation. Besides the need for a secure energy supply and self-sufficiency, the green aspect through climate-neutral solutions is also one of the motivations. All this comes together at Entratek in the vision "Green power. Smart life." vision, at the heart of which is the CO2-neutral building. With an expanded range in the areas of PV surplus charging, solar inverters and storage systems, the solution provider creates an effective interaction for optimising self-consumption - and thus the basis for CO2-neutral living with renewable energies.   

A powerful product portfolio around renewable energies and electromobility has been the core competence of Entratek's development team since 2010. As an experienced specialist for "Simple. Safe. Charging.", the company is now dedicating itself with expanded competencies to becoming a holistic solution provider with the guiding principle of "Green Power. Smart Life. "

This orientation is also acutely relevant with regard to the "Master Plan Charging Infrastructure II". As recently as mid-October 2022, the Federal Cabinet adopted the catalogue of measures for electromobility, which also includes the aspect of effective use of self-consumption of renewable electricity. Specifically, existing and new measures for the further expansion of PV systems and storage facilities are to be taken into account.

Green light for greener living: The vision of the CO2-neutral building
The central Entratek idea lies in smart, highly energy-efficient building technology, which in its entirety makes it possible to offset emissions caused by building materials and during operation. The concept is made up of different components that together are intended to fill the CO2-neutral footprint.

In detail, Entratek sees a photovoltaic system as an important basis for charging the electric car via a wall box with the solar power generated by the company. Furthermore, the company complements its vision with solar inverters and hybrid inverters with storage. Updates and energy management via app are further components that will make the concept of the highly efficient building possible.

Concrete solutions for a sustainable energy future
For an effective contribution to CO2-neutral buildings, Entratek has comprehensively expanded its product portfolio and intends to continue to develop dynamically in the future. With the solar inverters of the KStar BluE series, one of the most effective and efficient solutions on the market is part of the Entratek spectrum: the systems convince with an efficiency of up to 98.6 %. The inverter models 5 KT, 6 KT and 10 KT with their different continuous output values are aimed at operators of home PV systems and commercial solar systems. The 10 kW model is also available as a hybrid inverter with storage based on CATL LFP batteries.

The solar storage set: Hybrid inverter with storage tank

In addition, the already established range in the area of PV charging for electric cars has been expanded. A bundle consisting of the proven Power Dot Fix wall box and an accessory set with 2 hubs and 6 current transformers makes it possible to realise PV surplus charging independent of the manufacturer of the photovoltaic system. Users can choose between three operating modes "solar only", "solar assist" and "full" to charge with solar power as needed. In addition, the appropriate backend infrastructure contributes to the holistic approach of the Entratek experts through intelligent software control and app. The overall concept of the young company covers a wide range of different measures to optimise self-consumption and achieve self-sufficiency in detail. One example is the infrared heaters in the Entratek portfolio: The affordable and decorative ceramic heaters can also be controlled via app and contribute a noticeable effect to greener living through their efficiency and long heat storage.

The Entratek Solar Bundle

About Entratek
Entratek offers innovative and sustainable products for e-mobility and renewable energies. Founded in Hamburg in 2010, Entratek's experience extends to the distribution of charging solutions for electric vehicles as well as energy solutions in the field of photovoltaics and smart homes. Entratek's vision is to support, develop and expand the energy world with smart technologies and solutions.