E-mobility promotion campaigns for companies and private individuals in Austria

Time of publication: 2022-07-07

(Norderstedt, 07.07.2022) The Austrian federal government and vehicle importers have agreed on a support package for e-mobility. The funding offers contained therein are intended to make a significant contribution to the implementation of Lighthouse 3 "E-Mobility" of #mission2030.
Funding is available for the purchase of electric cars in the M1 and N1 classes as well as (e-)transport bikes, e-mopeds, e-motorcycles and e-light vehicles, plus e-charging infrastructure. A total of up to 3,000 euros is available for purely electric cars, and up to 1,250 euros for plug-in hybrid vehicles. For charging infrastructure, the subsidy is up to 1,800 euros for installation in a multi-party building.
Support is also available for the purchase of e-charging points (stationary charging points or wallboxes) for business use. The amount of the subsidy

Who receives the subsidy?
Private individuals in the "E-Mobility for Private Individuals 2022" funding campaign.
For businesses, the subsidy is called "Förderungsaktion E-Ladeinfrastruktur 2022".

How much is the subsidy?
For private individuals, the subsidy flat rates for e-charging infrastructure are:
- 600 euros for a smart charging cable or
- 600 euros for a wallbox (home charging station) in a one/two-family house or
- 900 euros for a communication-enabled wallbox in a multi-apartment building as a single installation or
- 1,800 euros for a communication-capable charging station with load management when installed in a multi-party house as part of a communal system.

For businesses, the subsidy is calculated in the form of a lump sum depending on the charging capacity provided and amounts to a maximum of 30% of the environmentally relevant investment costs (net amount).


What conditions apply?
- Electric vehicles are subsidized if the vehicle dealer has granted an e-mobility bonus in the amount of the subsidy when the vehicle was purchased.
- The vehicles must be powered by electric power from renewable energy sources
- The smart charging cable should include an integrated control box (ICCB), 3-phase charging capability, a residual current protection mechanism (AC and DC) and a protective device in accordance with IEC 62752.
- The charging stations in the multi-party building must be able to communicate via OCPP or Modbus and thus be integrated into a load management system.
- For businesses: Funding is provided for the installation of e-charging points (stand pillar or wallbox) at which only electric power from renewable energy sources is available as drive energy for electric vehicles. Each subsidized charging point must be individually fused.

These Entratek charging cables and wallboxes are on the list of eligible chargers.

All Entratek wallboxes are eligible in single/two family residential applications.

The Entratek Power Dot Pro, Pro 2, Entratek Power Dot Fix and Entratek Power Arrow Dual can be integrated into a load management system thanks to their ability to communicate via OCPP or Modbus and are therefore also eligible in multi-apartment buildings and for businesses.

The eligible chargers are available directly from the Entratek webshop www.entratek-shop.de. Shipping to Austria is free of charge.

Details and overviews of the funding contents can be found under Funding Campaign E-Mobility for Private 2022 and Funding Campaign E-Charging Infrastructure 2022.